Black Camel

Black Camel

E. R. Hawkin, passed Away 9/3/15

William R. (Dick) Howard, passed away 11/12/15

Dale Finley, passed away 10/21/15

Chuck Wither, passed away 10/20/15

Peter Kerr, passed away

Al Schneider, passed away 10/18/15

Arlo Knepper, passed away, 9/14/15

Harlan Baus, Passed away

Wilton Fowler, Passed Awaw

Robert Morton, Passed Away

T.J. Perren, Passed Away

Robert L. Grissinger, Passed away 3/18/15

Russell Albright, Passed Away

Helen Bennett, Passed Away, wife of Bill Bennett

TJ Perren, Passed away

William Gladish, 6/15/15

Lyle Reichert, Passed away

William Fassos, Passed Away

Thomas Simpson, Passed Away

Thomas Collier, Passed away

Martha Butterworth, Wife of Howard Butterworth

James Bussard, Passed away

Roy Godfrey, Passed away

Robert Rice, Passed away

David Christein, Passed away 5/9/2015

Hudson Fowler, Passed away

Geoffrey Wendt, Passed away 2/17/15

Elsa Louise Andersson Weber, Passed away 4/27/15     Mother to Sandy Angstrom

Hudson D. Fowler, Passed away 4/25/15   Age 102,   59 year member of Al Koran

Ralph C. Sievert, Passed away 4/7/15,

John T. Wolfenden, Passed away 3/31/15 in Scottsdale Arizona.

C. Edward Price, passed away, Lived in Seven Hills, OH

Carla E. Davison, Passed away 2/27/15 Wife of Michael Davison